How Trinnect works

Trinnect follows the Ministry of Home and Family Welfare of India (MOHFW) guidelines for telemedicines (March 2020).

Trinnect telehealthcare is a web app optimized for Chrome and aims to create a long term patient- doctor interaction with the help of a patient health records (PHR) database. Its performance on other browsers is not guaranteed. 

The workflow is as follows:

1. Registration: Trinnect Admin will register you against a valid email address, preferably in ‘‘, ‘‘ or ‘‘ domains. 

2. PHR: Go to patients tab. Add a new patient information form (PIF). You can create profiles for all of your family members with individual PIF-s.
3. Write a detailed history and upload it after the PHR (with add text) including any known allergy or asthma. This history is very important for the doctor.
4. Upload a clear recent facial picture, pictures of any relevant body parts and all prescriptions and test results over last 2 years using add pictures. Only jpeg images and screen shots can be uploaded and not .pdf files.  
5. The doctor (or a team of doctors) will scrutinise these reports and will schedule a video conferencing meet. He/she may also ask for further tests before a meeting. 
6. After the meeting, the doctor will write a prescription or advice.

Corporate Address

Anjankuja 2 G 54 02230 Espoo, Finland