Trinnect specialist doctor team

Dr. Shreya Poddar - Trinnect
Dr. Shreya Poddar

Registration number: DMC/R/15765
Dermatology, Venerology and Leprosy MBBS Gold medalist (BJMC, Ahemedabad),
MD (IPGMER Kolkata)

Dr. Suyash Gupta - Trinnect
Dr. Suyash Gupta

General Medicine
MBBS (LTMMC, Mumbai)
MD (ongoing, LN Medical college, Bhopal)

Dr. Bhavik Shah

Registration number: G- 56440
General Medicine, Diabetology and Preventive Cardiology
MBBS BJMC Ahmedabad, MD (Topper) Pt. DDU Medical College, Rajkot

Dr. Nazia Dalwal - Trinnect
Dr. Nazia Dalwal

Registration Number: 2005/ 03/ 2089
Consultant Obstetrician and gynecologist
MBBS, DGO (College of Physicians and Surgeons Mumbai)

Dr. Chiranjit Neoatia - Trinnect
Dr. Chiranjit Neoatia

Registration number: 01067 (TSMC)
General Medicine and Virtual Hospitals
North East Tribal Medicine, Hospital Administration
MBBS (Agartala Government Medical College), MBA (ongoing, TISS)

Dr. Girish Dani

Registration number: 25829 (MMC)
Consultant Obstretician and Gynechologist MBBS, MD

Dr. Tirth Vyas

Registration number: G-48779 (GMC)
Orthopedic surgeon
MBBS (SMIMER, Surat), DNB (National Board)

Dr. Shreyas Chawathey - Trinnect
Dr. Shreyas Chawathey

Registration No: MMC2018094961
Anesthesiology and Critical Care NBBS (DYP University Mumbai), MD (Ongoing, Tata Memorial Center)

Dr. Arunaloke Bhattacharyye - Trinnect
Dr. Arunaloke Bhattacharyye

Registration number: 46173 WMC
Pediatrics, Hemato-oncology MBBS, DCH, MD, DNB

Dr. Indranil Das - Trinnect
Dr. Indranil Das

Registration No:
MBBS, MS (Public Health UEF, Finland)

Dr. Anita Kumar - Trinnect
Dr. Anita Kumar

Registration number:
MBBS, AIPH (Aus), MD Geriatrics (ongoing)

The doctor's board collaborates with each other in solving patients' problems and help in shaping up Trinnect's workflow and policy matters.

Trinnect's core technology and management layer is very thin

Shyam Chakraborty - Trinnect
Shyam Chakraborty

D. Sc. (CEO, Aalto University, Finland)

Petteri Laine - Trinnect
Petteri Laine

M. Sc. Computer Science, Turku University

Dr. Bidhan Bhaumick - Trinnect
Dr. Bidhan Bhaumick

PhD (Indian liason)

Trinnect Faculties

Dr. Arunaloke Bhattacharyye - Trinnect
Dr. Arunaloke Bhattacharyye

MBBS, MD (Pediatrics) DNB (Hematology) (Covid-19 management)

Dr. Shreyas Chawathey - Trinnect
Dr. Shreyas Chawathey

MBBS, MD (ongoing, aneathesiology and critical care) (Covid-19 management)

Dr. Chiranjit Neoatia - Trinnect
Dr. Chiranjit Neoatia

MBBS, MBA (ongoing, TISS) (smoking and tobacco)

Dr. Sandip Raha

MBBS, FRCP (NHS, UK) (Parkinson's Disease)

Dr. Siladitya Sinha - Trinnect
Dr. Siladitya Sinha

MBBS, FRCS (reconstructive surgery), MRCGP (NHS, UK)
(Covid-19 management and Frailty of elders)

Dr. Chinmay Maity - Trinnect
Dr. Chinmay Maity

MBBS, MD, MRCP, FRCS (Geriatrics and frailty)

Dr. Anil Grover - Trinnect
Dr. Anil Grover

MBBS MD, DM (cardiology) (Preventive cardiology)

Dr. Shabman Das Kar - Trinnect
Dr. Shabman Das Kar

MBBS, MD, Alberta, Canada (Parkinson's Disease and Frailty of Elders)

Prof. Sonu Goel - Trinnect
Prof. Sonu Goel

MBBS, MD, Professor, Community Medicine, PGIMER Tobacco and smoking

Corporate Address

Anjankuja 2 G 54 02230 Espoo, Finland