Trinnect is the best telemedicine platform in India. It is not a practice management system. Trinnect finds its roots in Finland, where mobile telephony originated. Finland is also in the forefront of healthcare technology and maintains the second largest patient databases in the World and highly reputed for their business transparencies.

Even recently telemedicine meant simple video conferencing between the doctor and patient. Trinnect disrupted this concept in 2013 and introduced for the first time in India a cloud based service that integrated comprehensive personal health records (PHR) with scheduling and video conferencing. Trinnect has also been collaborating with some top medical institutes like with Since then Trinnect has been collaborating with Gujarat Cancer Research Institute (GCRI) Ahmedabad, AIIMS Delhi, ICMR- NICED Kolkata and PGIMER Chandigarh. Trinnect has been continuously enhancing its software platform with the knowledge gained from these collaborations and field trials. As a result, you get possibly the best telemedicine platform presently in use in India.


Corporate Address

Anjankuja 2 G 54 02230 Espoo, Finland