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The digital healthcare workflow philosophy from Finland.

Finland ranks is one of the top three countries in social progress index (SPI), Naturally one important pillar in social progress is Finland’s excellent healthcare system. Finland has the longest and most extensive deploymeny of digital health over last two decades. 100% of all doctors, nurces and medical workers are computer literate. Every medical information of every patient, either in primary care or in tartiary care in the hospitals, is recorded on highly secured but user friendly databases that can also be accessed by the patients.  
Trinnect borrows this excellent Finnish healthcare workflow and customises for the users in the Indian subcontinent, and continuously upgrading it since . This process is further augmented with Trinnect’s Board of Medical Advisors drawn from India and United Kingdom. The result is a Patient Information System(PIMS) that has no parallels in India so far.

Trinnect Ltd

Finland registration number: 2560302-7

Date of registration: 13.09.2013


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