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Evidence based medicine with the help of technology

The most sophisticated telehealthcare service with a cloud based health records repository since 2013 
Top class specialist opinion at INR 350

BPL (with certificate) special price at INR 150

Dr. Shreya Poddar
MBBS Gold Medalist, MD (Dermatology)
Trinnect Medical Team Leader

Diabetology and preventive cardiology

Top quality specialist's advise at the most competitive price in india, and at the comfort of your home. Special price for BPL card holders.

Trinnect telemedicine is intended for long term care. A team of highlly qualified specialists form the core of Trinnect medical team. They assess your past records, photos and complaints, talk to you over video and delivers state-of-art modern medical consultations.

Trinnect follows the Ministry of Home and Family Welfare of India (MOHFW) guidelines for telemedicines (March 2020).

Our Services

Family medicine

Trinnect doctors will be part of your family, and help you resolve day-to-day issues like, small cuts, simple burns, headache, low back pain, gas, constipation, blood pressure, obesity, food and lifestyle habits and what not. We are also the first people to talk in an emergency. We will also inform you as and when you need a specialist visit. This can be someone within Trinnect or from outside.

Preventive medicine

Finland pioneered the practice of preventive medicine and during 1969 to 2003, it had reduced 80% of the cardiovascular events through lifestyle modifications. We in Trinnect believe that we can manage lifestyle modifications better with the help of technology. Our best internal medicine experts and general physicians would help you in achieving a long disease free and active life.

Emergency medicine

In case of emergency, we will read you ECG immediately , judge the situation, and provide basic advice about what to do. You will never feel alone.


We will provide specialised dermatological care. Our double gold medalist dermatology expert is an extremely compassionate lady who would provide you advice of the highest standard.

Gynecology, PCOS, hormones and emotional health

Trinnect particularly takes care of young women's health that is highly related with hormones. Trinnect's experienced doctors provide advice for young women in the case of hormone and menstrual problems and selfcare for polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Our goal is how to best manage these and lead a happy and balanced life.


Due to our lifestyle, many of us suffer from a variety of orthopedic problems but often hesitate to visit a doctor. Trinnect provides expert orthopedic opinion for managing frozen shoulder, low back pain and arthritic pains. They will help you enhance your quality of life and delay a possible need for joint replacements.

Emotional health,
Chronic care

Technology & Funding

Trinnect pioneered the personal health records (PHR) based telemedicine platform iIndia in 2014. Over the years, Trinnect's two member technology team (Shyam Chakraborty and Petteri Laine) have been continuously improving this platform for better security and usability. As of now, Trinnect is possibly the most sophisticated telemedicine platform in India.

Corporate Address

Anjankuja 2 G 54 02230 Espoo, Finland