The multispeciality tele-health polyclinic, for the first time in India

Dr. Nazia Dalwal - Trinnect

Nazia Dalwai, MBBS, DGO, lead gynecologist

We are on a Mission

Trinnect is a team of top medical specialists and super specialists. Our mission is to deliver very high quality ‘evidence based’ consultations and second opinions over our proprietary telehealth platform at a very low cost and with a ‘minimum medication’ principle. 

Trinnect encourages patient parties to learn about their disease and treatment options from reliable sources on the Internet. Trinnect doctors will further explain patient’s conditions in detail and write a diagnosis or provisional diagnosis in a formatted prescription. Patient parties will not be charged if they are not satisfied.

Trinnect is not associated with any laboratory, pharmacy or corporate hospital. We do not refer patients to any corporate hospital unless specifically asked.

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Women's Clinic


Team :

Dr. Nazia Dalwai MBBS, DGO
Dr. Girish Dani, MD (Gynaecology, Obstetrics )
Dr. Shabnam Das Kar , MD (Gynaecology, Obstetrics ), FMNM

Menstruation: menarche to menopause

Female Nutrition & Hygiene

Pregnancy : planning to natural delivery

Breast Feeding & Post Partum Life

PCOS, Obesity & Hormone Issues

Gestational diabetes

Dermatology and Cosmetology Clinic


Team :

Dr. Shreya Poddar, MBBS (Gold Medalist), MD (Dermatology, Venereology, Leprosy), DNB (Dermatology)
Dr. Nazia Dalwai, MBBS, DGO
Dr. Chiranjit Neoatia, MBBS, MBA

Skin Cancers

Acne, Rash, Beauty Care

Dandruff, Nail, Fungal Infections

Psoriasis & Vitiligo

Sexually transmitted diseases


Pediatrics and Family Clinic


Team :

Dr. Arunaloke Bhattacharyya, MD (Medicine), DNB (Hematology)
Dr. Chiranjit Neoatia, MBBS, MBA
Dr. Indranil Das, MBBS, MSc
Dr. Shiladitya Sinha, FRCS, MRCGP

Birth Defects & Anomalies

Growth Monitoring, Nutrition & Obesity, Work- Sleep Cycle

Diarrea & Stomach Problems

Adolescence issues


Bacterial & viral infections

Geriatrics Clinic


Team :

Dr. Anita Kumar, MIPH, MD (Geriatrics)
Dr. Indranil Das, MBBS, M.Sc
Dr. Sandip Raha, FRCP (Superspecialty: Parkinson's disease)
Dr. Shiladitya Sinha, FRCS, MRCGP

Frailty Of Elder Adults

Dementia & Mood swings



Parkinson's & Movement Disorder

Impaired intelligence

Diabetology and Preventive Cardiology Clinic


Team :

Dr. Bhavik Shah, MD (Medicine, Gold Medalist), DM (Cardiology, Senior Resident)
Dr. Suyash Gupta, MD (Medicine, Resident)
Dr. Shreyas Chawathey, MD (Anesthesia, critical care, pain, Resident, Tata Memorial Centre)
Dr. Indranil Das, MBBS, M. Sc
Dr. Shiladitya Sinha, FRCS, MRCGP

Risk factors & lifestyle management

Type-I/II Diabetes management

Type-II pre-diabetes reversal

Prevention of CVD

Hand/ foot ulcer management

Nerve Damage & Erectile Dysfunction

Musculoskeletal and Oral Clinic


Team :

Dr. Shiladitya Sinha, FRCS, MRCGP
Dr. Trith Vyas, DNB (Orthopedics, Sports Medicine)
Dr. Ruchika Prasad MDS (Oral Hygiene, Maxilofacial surgery)

Headache & Migraine

Dental care & Hygiene

SLE & Auto- immune diseases


Low back pain

Joint pain & Arthritis

The Super Specialty & Second Opinion Clinic


Team :

Dr. Sandip Raha, FRCP (Parkinson's disease Specialist, NHS)
Dr. Anil Grover, MD (Medicine), DM (Cardiology, ex- HoD Cardiology, PGIMER)
Dr. Bhavik Shah, MD (Medicine, Gold Medalist), DM (Cardiology, Senior Resident)
Dr. Arunaloke Bhattacharyya, MD (Medicine), DNB (Hematology)
Dr. Kiran Kothari, MS (Oncology, ex- Deputy Director, Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute)
Dr. Niranjan Khandelwal, MD (Radiology, Ex. HoD Radiology, PGIMER)
Dr. Girish Dani, MD (Gynaecology, Obstetrics )
Dr. Shiladitya Sinha, FRCS, MRCGP

Interventional Cardiology

Parkinson's disease

Oncology of solid tumors


Complex Radiology

Complex Pregnancy

Home Care Clinic


Team :

Dr. Shreyas Chawathey, MD (Anesthesia, critical care, pain, Resident, Tata Memorial Centre)
Dr. Anita Kumar, MIPH, MD (Geriatrics)
Dr. Indranil Das MBBS, MSc.
Dr. Arunaloke Bhattacharyya, MD (Medicine), DNB (Hematology)
Dr. Jatrik Biswas, MS

Pain Management

The Elderly & Chronic Disease

Care before & after delivery of babies

Home care of Sick kids

Care of Bed Sores

Exercise & Diet

What Our Users Say?

Dr. Shabnam Das Kar MBBS, MD, Gyneachology, Functional Medicine

"... telehealth, remote patient monitoring will have a huge impact on the care of elderly patients. I have had experiences with relatives. NO toilets, long waiting because the doctors and staff are poor time managers. Then travel time ..."

Ms. Baishali Nandi Senior Teacher Jamaldah Tulsi Devi High School

Today, I felt sick after lunch and was lying in bed. I called Trinnect and Dr. Chawathey called me back immediately and asked what happened. He asked the details carefully and advised a few small changes. I started feeling relieved and comforted immediately. As I felt better, we joked a bit also happily.

Alpita Ghosh Assistant teacher, Cochbehar

"Trinnect" কে অসংখ্য ধন্যবাদ।এভাবে পাশে থাকার জন্য।guide করবার জন্য।

Shashank Tiwari IIT Kgp

There are many problems with the doctors in suburbs of india. Below two points are significant in my view.
1. They don't give a patient enough time to diagnose. (Why? I may discuss it later). Obviously, this hampers the quality of diagnosise significantly.
2. A large chunk of money associated with tests and medicines are kickbacked to the doctors. This makes healthcare more expensive.
Telemedicine may increase the quality of healthcare by expanding the choices for a patient. This may also force uniform practices.
I am thankful to Prof. Shyam Chakraborty for opening this new world of medical practices to me. It has been my pleasure to get an opportunity to be engaged with Finland based telemedicine company called trinnect. It had been very beneficial to connect with doctors from mumbai and Canada while sitting in my home in pratapgarh.

Dr. Indranil Das MBBS, M.Sc., Finland.

I had an experience as a patient . When, I was examined neurologically over a video call. I won't say it was indeed a full proof neurological examination. But for sure was a sort of near approximation of the ideal

Jadadish Saha Assistant teacher, Cochbehar

""trinnect tele medicine service" প্রদানকারী সংস্থাকে অসংখ্য ধন্যবাদ.... করোনা পরিস্থিতিতে সরাসরি ডাক্তার দেখানো ঝুঁকিপুর্ণ...এই কঠিন পরিস্থিতে আমার আড়াই বছরের ছোট ভাগ্নী এলার্জি তে আক্রান্ত হয়....কি করব না করব ভাবছি.... "

Mr. Joydeep Mohanto Beijing

I have been taking online medical consultation for my near and dear ones from TRINNECT. . The services are fantastic, the doctors are amazing and have a very human approach which are missing these days. Advice anyone in need of medical advice to try it out and yes they are very very reasonable too ( a big reason to smile).

Sunny Nagpal New Delhi

Review Text(Bhavik shah) A very concerned and involved doctor, The physician has been very patient with his ways of treating us. He listens to you well, thinks through along and pays heed to concerns proactively. Plus his illustrious merit shows in his absorbing the core issue and offering practical solutions. Recommend him wholeheartedly.

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