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Dr. Sandip Raha

Dr. Sandip Raha (FRCP) lives in Wales, UK. He was associatied with National Health Service (NHS) UK during 1992- 2022 as a specialist in geriatric medicine with sub-speciality in parkinson's disease and movement disorder. Dr. Raha is the Chief Medical Adviser of Trinnect.


Dr. Kiran Kothari

Dr. Kiran kothari (MS, DNB) served as the Deputy Director of Gujarat Cancer & Research Institute, the second biggest cancer hospital in India, Dr. Kothari specialises in oncologic surgery. He lives in Ahmedabad.

Dr. Shyam Peri

Dr. Shyam Peri (DNB) is an anesthesiologist and specialist in pain medicine and critical aare from Bishakhapatnam.

Dr. Shreyas Chawathey

Dr. Shreyas Chawathey (MD) in anesthesiology, critical care and pain medicine from the prestigious Tata Memorial Hospital, Mumbai.

Dr. Neena Singla

MBBS, DGO, OBGY, Ex-HOD OBGY, Govt Hospital Chandigarh


Dr. Shyam Chakraborty

Trinnect Specialists and Sub-Specialists

Dr. Bhavik Shah

Dr. Bhavik Shah MD, DM Gold Medalist interventional cardiology From KEM Hospital Mumbai.


Dr. Niranjan Khandelwal

Dr. Niranjan Khandelwal (MD) served as the Head of Deaprtment of radiology of Post Graduate Instute of Medical Education and Research (PGIMER)> Trinnect's teleradiology side evolves around him.


Dr. Shiladitya Sinha

Dr. Siladitye Sinha (MRCGP, FRCS) is associated with NHS Wales UK and lives in Cardiff. He is originally a reconstructive surgeon (FRCS), but due to health reasons he has retrained himself as a specialist in General Practice (MRCGP).


Dr. Arunaloke Bhattacharyya

Dr, Arunalike Bhattacharyya (MD, DNB) is a highly reputed pediatrician from Kolkata. He is also very enthusiastic in photography.


Dr. Girish Dani

Dr. Girish Dan (MS) is a gynecologist and obstretician with nearly 40 years of experience. He lives in Mumbai.

Dr. Keshav Swarnakar

Dr. Keshav Swarnakar (FRCS Edinburgh, FRCS, Glasgow) lives Cardiff UK. He specialises in bowel cancer and colorectal surgeries, including hernia, piles, fistula etc. He advices on general surgeries and gastrointestinal cancers as well as non- cancerous problems.

Dr. Shalin Kothari

MBBS, MD Assistant Professor of Medicine (Hematology); Clinician Lead, Cancer Biology Training Program; Core Faculty, Medical Oncology and Hematology Fellowship Program

Dr. Tirth Vyas

Dr. Tirth Vyas (DNB): is an orthopedic surgeon trained from Germany. He specialises in knee surgeries and sports medicine.

Dr. Pradip Sarker

Dr. Pradip Sarker (PhD): is the superintending physiotherapist of PGIMER Chandigarh. He holds a PhD degree in physiotheray from Punjab University Chandigarh.

Dr. Shreya Poddar

Dr. Shreya Poddar (MD, DNB) is a Gold medalist specialist in Dermatology, Leprosy and Venerology from IPGMER, SSKM Hospital Kolkata. She also takes care of cosmetology.


Dr. Ruchika Prasad

Dr. Ruchika Prasad (MDS)


Dr. Chiranjit Neoatia

Dr. Chiranjit Neoatia (MBBS, MBA) Dr. Neoatia did his MBBS from Agartala Medical College and MBA from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (Mumbai) He is associated with tripura Medical Services and advices on general medicine.

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