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1. Introduction

Trinnect Ltd. is a multi- specialty telemedicine service registered as a private limited company in Finland in 2013. Trinnect’s specialists and subspecialists are some of the best available in India and abroad and operate as a team. Trinnect provides evidence based consultations and focuses particularly at the Indian subcontinent and the Indian diaspora living abroad.  

In 2014 Trinnect pioneered the cloud native personal health records (PHR) based telemedicine system in India. Trinnect uses a proprietary cloud based PHR with design principles borrowed from the electronic health records (EHR) system of Finland. 

Trinnect is bootstrapped with partial funding from the Government of Finland. Trinnect has not raised external investments and avoids unnecessary overheads. Therefore, Trinnect tele-consultations are not only top quality, but also highly competitive.

A unique feature of Trinnect telemedicine services is an emphasis on prevention and long term monitoring. This concept is backed by strong scientific evidence particularly the North Karelia project of Finland. Preventive measures include not only medicines but also changes in lifestyle and food habits. The team work of medical specialists and the PHR enable are the basis in devising personalised prevention strategies.   

Trinnect regularly delivers webinars for both public awareness and knowledge enhancement of medical professionals. So far Trinnect has delivered six webinars and two of them are affiliated by the Royal Colleges of Physicians (RCP) UK. 

2. Trinnect Verticals

Trinnect has specific expertise in these following verticals:

  • Cloud based secure Personal Health records (PHR) database;

  • Geriatrics: care of the elders and infirm people; 

  • Women and Childcare;

  • Metabolic Syndrome;

  • Oral hygiene and oral and head and neck cancers;

  • Musculo-skeletal problems;

  • Remote emergency care;

  • Tele- radiology and tele- cardiology;

Scope of these care verticals are detailed in the respective webpages. Trinnect specialists may also provide preliminary clinical advice outside these areas if they feel comfortable. 

3. Standard Operating Procedure

Trinnect teleconsultations rely strongly on diagnostic tests, imaging and patient data and plaintext information. Central to the Trinnect telehealthcare is its proprietary cloud- native patient health records (PHR) database. This database is accessed through a web app optimised for Chrome. Its performance on other browsers is not guaranteed. A patient may need the help of a caregiver for managing his/ her information. Patients or their caregivers have the responsibility of establishing their personal identity and managing patient information over the database as well as conducting real time communication using WhatsApp or Google Duo. 

How Trinnect works: 

  1. Caregiver: A caregiver manages patient interactions with Trinnect  The patient himself/ herself, a family member or a trusted friend can also be designated as a caregiver. Trinnect administration may also assign a suitable caregiver if needed. A caregiver is usually allowed to manage a maximum of 20 patients.

  1. Registration: Trinnect administration registers a caregiver against valid credentials and an email address of gmail, yahoo or hotmail domains. After registration confirmation, a caregiver creates patient profiles and uploads patient information. 

  1. Information uploading: Go to the patients tab (top right corner in a mobile). A number of tabs are available for information uploading. Trinnect supports plain and semi-formatted texts, full resolution jpeg images and .pdf files.

  1. Preliminary information form: A new patient is added by filling up a patient information form (PIF). Fill up the PIF in details, check carefully for correctness and save. Information once saved in the database, cannot be modified or deleted afterwards. A filled up PIF can be retrieved as a .pdf file.

  1. History: The patient himself, or the next of kin or the caregiver must write a detailed note of complaints and previous medical history in simple language and upload it to the PHR (with ‘add text’ tab). Medical jargon should be avoided. This history is important for the consulting specialist.

  1. Face photo: Upload a clear recent face photo and pictures of any relevant body parts, but not private parts.

  1. Test results and other documents: Upload all prescriptions and test results over the last 2 years using add pictures. ‘jpeg’ images, screenshots (.png) and .pdf documents can be uploaded.

  1. Initial assessment: A Trinnect specialist will go through these reports and assess the patients conditions. He/she may ask for further tests and/or consult other specialists of Trinnect.

  1. Realtime contact: when the Trinnect specialist is satisfied after an initial assessment that he has all or most relevant information, he/ she would arrange a video call to discuss further. 

  1. Advice: after the meeting, the Trinnect specialist writes advice or a second opinion in a semi formatted form. This advice is stored in the patient’s PHR and also sent to the caregiver as a .pdf file. As a general idea, this advice should be verified by a local doctor. 

  1. Contact time: Trinnect consultations are a minimum of 20 minute time, including document reading and advice writing. A short follow up is usually without charge.


  • Information or documents once uploaded in the Trinnect PHR database, cannot be edited or deleted by anyone including the system administration. 

  • Patient data is not shared with any third party outside Trinnect affiliated doctors without patient consent. 

4. Limitations of telemedicine consultation

Medical examinations that depend upon personal touch of the physician (e.g. auscultation, liver palpitation etc.) cannot be directly done in a telemedicine consultation. However, these examinations mostly provide clues that require further medical tests (x-ray, CT scan, ECG etc, or blood tests) for confirmation. Trinnect’s doctors will inform you when they feel a limitation of an ongoing telemedicine consultation. 

Important note:

Trinnect and associated medical professionals follow the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW), Government of India guidelines for telemedicine (2020). Trinnect restricts its services only within modern medicine (Allopathy) and does not deal with alternative medicine faculties. 

Trinnect Ltd

Finland registration number: 2560302-7

Date of registration: 13.09.2013


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