Trinnect at a Glance

About Trinnect

Trinnect Ltd was founded in 2013 and registered in Finland (Finnish registration number 2560302-7). Trinnect’s vision has been to develop highly sophisticated telemedicine platforms for specialists’ consultations with particular focus on rural India and below poverty people.

In 2014, Trinnect pioneered personal health records (PHR) based telemedicine platforms in India and collaborated with AIIMS Delhi, ICMR- NICED Kolkata, GCRI Ahmedabad and PGIMER Chandigarh. Consequently, Trinnect has developed a large network of specialist and experienced doctors from all over India- Ahmedabad, Chandigarh, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bihar and Tripura, and also from Finland, UK and Canada.

With the help of its extensive network of doctors Trinnect is now delivering high quality specialist and super-specialists’ consultations over its proprietary telemedicine platform.

Trinnect has avoided external private investment so far and has been running on Government grants, sweat equity and personal financing. Therefore, Trinnect does not have any obligation of return of investment (RoI). This enables a low administrative and technical overhead of about 15% and 85% or more of the revenue directly goes to the doctors.

How Trinnect works

Trinnect telehealthcare is a web app optimized for Chrome. Its performance on other browsers is not guaranteed. Trinnect aims to create a long term patient- doctor interactions with the help of a patient health records (PHR) database. Patients or their care givers have the responsibility of keeping as much history and reports of the patients as possible in this database.

The workflow is as follows:

1. Registration: Trinnect Admin will register a caregiver against a valid email address, preferably in ‘’, ‘’ or ‘’ domains.

2. PHR: Go to patients tab. Add a new patient information form (PIF). You can create profiles for all of your family members with individual PIF-s.

3. History: Write a detailed history and upload it after the PHR (with add text) including any known allergy or asthma. This history is very important for the doctor.

4. Face photo : Upload a clear recent facial picture, pictures of any relevant body parts and all prescriptions and test results over last 2 years using add pictures. Only jpeg images and screen shots (.png) can be uploaded and not .pdf files.

5. Initial assessment: A Trinnect doctor will go through these reports and assess the patients conditions. He/she may ask for further tests and/or consult other specialists of Trinnect.

6. Contact: After the initial assessment, when the doctor is satisfied that he has all/ most relevant information, he/ she would arrange a video call to discuss further.

7. Advice: after the meeting, the doctor will write a prescription or advice. He may also advice to meet a doctor personally if he thinks a video visit would not be adequate for the patient. This advice will be available in a .pdf document to the caregiver.


Trinnect and associated doctors follow the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare guidelines for telemedicine (2020).

Corporate Address

Anjankuja 2 G 54 02230 Espoo, Finland